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 Kelley Byrne



BUY A BARREL HORSE prides itself on putting the right barrel racer with the ideal horse. I strive to understand both ends of the barrel horse transaction - what a given seller is offering, where each horse would best fit in today's ever expanding barrel racing industry and what buyers are looking for.  I offer this service as one with “no surprises”, working on behalf of the sellers.

 I will get to know your horse personally.  I ask for good quality photos and videos.  If you are limited in your ability to provide these, I can be of assistance.  Then I will discuss with you what I think is the best marketing plan for your horse.

Upon completion of the sale of your horse, I require the industry standard 10% of the final purchase price as our fee.

Allowing me to broker your horse puts all the work of marketing and answering all inquiries in my hands. All the leg work will be done for you!  I will contact you when we have a legitimate buyer to meet with you.

The horse market is like any other market.  It's based on comparatives and comparables.  I have studied the market and will determine what is FAIR MARKET VALUE for your horse.  Next, you decide how badly you want or need to sell.  Then you set your price based on these two factors.  

Because there are SO many horses on the market, buyers can be very selective.  Buyers know what they want and they expect to be able to find a horse at a good price.  This puts a variety of horses, a variety of calibre, breeding and accomplishments all in one location.  This site allows buyers to find a horse that meets their criteria; then they can make their choice on the best price.


We don't sell horses,

We match horses

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