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My stories are about the three most important people in my life.  My children.  Three boys rolled into one character, "Billy Buck".

Billy Buck has a personality bigger than a brahma bull and determination to match.  He exudes confidence and has a vision driven personality.  In each story, Billy is on the right path to achieve his dream.  He believes in himself.

My Intention with the Billy Buck Book Series is to encourage and inspire children of all ages to believe in the power of their dreams and imagination.  To believe in themselves.


In the first children's book, Bull Fighter Billy learns how to perfect bull fighting moves, including the "Mississippi Shuffle," while playing with the family pup, Snoop.  He just knows that someday he will  be a world famous bull fighter.  


 Too Tall Billy is a story where unexpectedly Billy Buck is told he is too tall to ride bulls.  He uses his determination to continue on his path and proves he is not too tall at all.  In fact he is perfect! 


The Story title is Bull Rider Billy.  Billy jumps up and down getting higher with each trampoline jump.  The toy bull spinning and turning underneath him.  Follow Billy Buck as he grows up riding a beaten up old plastic Brahma bull on the trampoline, imagining he is a different cowboy on a different bull with each ride.

Billy is featured in a coloring book, called;  A Day at the Bull Riding and here  boys and girls can color images they might see if they go to an event near them. This activity book has word search and connect the dots as well.

"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams."


Dream BIG.

Play hard,
Smile often
Never give up!

Kelley Byrne, Author.

Kelley Byrne is a writer and author who educates and entertains through her words. She has 20 years of writing, editing and research experience.  Her writing credentials are wide ranging from newspaper editing, journalism, blogging and short story fiction.  

Kelley was born in Edmonton, Alberta, raised in Polson, Montana and is a graduate of the Ronan High School.  She was accepted to University of Montana in Dillon on a  rodeo scholarship.  She remains  a competitor, competing in rodeo as a barrel racer, training horses and hosting horsemanship schools for everyone to enjoy.

Kelley has been fortunate enough to live the privileged perspective of what it takes to build a family from start to finish within a sport. She is the mother of three boys, Bo, Jesse and Tanner Byrne.
The boys’ are professional athletes. 

Kelley is a proud mother and grandmother who in her stories gives a unique insight of her children’s life’s growing up and accomplishing their dreams. 

She uses story-telling and exceptional word crafting to bring life to her characters. Kelley Byrne’s  character Billy Buck inspires children of all ages to dream and believe in themselves.


3 book series, stories only $30.00

3 book series plus coloring/activity book $40.00

Plus shipping and handling fees.

please email through "Buy Now" button with your order.  payment by cheque or e-transfer.

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